The Ultimate Spray Tan Guide

The Ultimate Spray Tan Guide

Picture waving goodbye to sun damage while embracing a custom-blended tan. Let’s walk through the essential steps for a flawless spray tan experience that lasts!

Pre-Spray Tan Prep:

Get your glow on by exfoliating your whole bod the day before your spray tan. Loofah or mitt, skip the oily scrubs, and make sure any previous tan or self-tanner is a thing of the past.

Beauty Prep: If you’re planning on amping up the glam, make sure to have all hair removal, lashes, nails, or pedis done 24 hours before your tan. 

Moisturize: Show your spray tan some love with hydrated skin. Load up on moisturizer 2-3 days before your session. Choose a lotion free from parabens and sulfates, and hold off on Dove or Bath And Body Works for 24 hours.

Day Of Tan: 

Eliminate barriers - Keep it clean! No makeup, lotion, or deodorant. Wear dark, loose apparel to your appointment. 

Post-Spray Tan Care:

Day Of: Drink from a straw for at least 2 hours and avoid contact with water. Hands off that glowing skin and stick to dark, comfy clothing.

First Shower: Rinse off with a soap-less wash. Warm water, no scrubbing – just a casual pat dry with a towel.

After Care: No perfume, soap, or lotion for the first 24 hours. After 24 hours, opt for sulfate and paraben-free soaps and lotions to keep that glow alive. Apply lotion daily to ensure a long lasting tan and a flawless fade. 

With proper care, your tan will last from 7-10 days!

To help extend the life of your tan, try Ag Sunless Tanning Water – a versatile solution that instantly hydrates, moisturizes, and provides a seamless tan. It's user-friendly, ideal for building and maintaining your tan, and leaves no mess or residue on clothing, bedding, or the application area. This color-correcting formulation is suitable for both face and body, functioning as a makeup setting spray. With a quick-drying, alcohol-free, and oil-free formula, it ensures a non-sticky application experience. You can grab it in our spa or from our online shop!

Cheers to radiance without the rays!

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