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Vita beauty bar

Aquafacial Deluxe

Aquafacial Deluxe

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The Aquafacial Deluxe includes the same therapies as the Aquafacial and additionally includes dermaplaning, high frequency for bacteria control and anti-aging benefits, as well as a rejuvenating jelly mask and professional LED light skin therapy to soothe, eliminate sun damage, intensify product absorption, and other benefits. is a must have for those with dehydrated, acne-prone, or ageing skin! A handpiece using suction and an exfoliating tip is used on the skin to increase circulation and plump the skin, while collecting waste water in a jar for you to see all impurities that were removed from your skin. We use a microcurrent extractor tool for deeper removal of congestion and finish with radiofrequency to lift and tighten skin. You’ll be hooked on the tightening effect and after glow this treatment provides. An excellent option for a boost of hydration in the colder months!

*Appointment time includes dressing and consult time. 

Pre-Purchase our promo to lock in the price and use later or gift it to a loved one! All purchases for services will be transferred as a credit to your online booking account. If you would like to be issued a physical copy, please contact our store at 639-471-8482 by text or phone.

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