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Teeth Whitening Vita Beauty Bar

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Brighten up your smile with our Teeth Whitening treatment! Our professional LED activated treatment delivers quick and stunning results that don’t damage or erode the teeth like over the counter white strips. We also offer home kits for on the go or whitening according to your schedule!

During this treatment, you can expect some slight tingling or blanching of the gums. This is normal and will disappear in less than 4 hours. White spots may appear if you've had braces, or have porous enamel, this will usually disappear within 8 hours. Our procedure will not damage your caps, crowns or veneers, but oral piercing must be removed for appointment.

After the treatment Only drink water for the first hour after service. Avoid any staining foods (dark coloured) or high in acidity food and drinks for the first 24 hours (berries, beets, blueberries, wine, cola, coffee, lemons, chocolate and sugary treats).

This treatment is very beneficial for those with yellow or grey-toned teeth. Please remember that your teeth can only be whitened to a certain shade and can not go whiter than your genetic traits allow.

Teeth Whitening Vita Beauty Bar Teeth Whitening Vita Beauty Bar

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