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Blonde Elevation Shampoo

Blonde Elevation Shampoo

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Formulated with Grape Extract and Purple Pigment, it enhances cool blonde tones and eliminates unwanted yellow highlights from bleached, blonde, grey and highlighted hair.

This professional line has been created to brighten and revitalize bleached, grey/white and color treated hair. For pure, absolute and impeccable blondes.

Brightens blond
Tones unwanted yellow highlights
Enhances the natural appearance of grey and white hair
and gives blond, bleached and highlighted hair body.

Enriched with the latest generation of active ingredients, grape extract, and purple pigment. intensely moisturises the hair and neutralizes unwanted yellow tones.


It contains special three-dimensional anti-reflective and extremely advanced Purple Pigments that act by delicately neutralizing the yellow tones in bleached, grey/white hair, making the hair look naturally brighter.


Grapes have valuable properties to reinvigorate hair full of antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts – giving the hair an immediate energy boost. Black grapes contain high quantities of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A which, together with polyphenols, give them excellent antioxidant properties. Rich in Resveratrol, (the anti-ageing antioxidant par excellence), this strengthens skin, stimulates the skin’s microcirculation and acts as an anti-inflammatory, fighting against ageing skin.

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